Monday, 1 January 2018

Festival Fashion - don't forget your bikinis!

Tassel Kimono
Ruffle Bandage Bikini
Tribal Bralette Bikini
Yippeeeeeeee! We're at the beginning of festival season again! We're full of excitement and we all hope the weather (wherever you are the world), will be on our side.

Surely some fab bikinis and gorgeous covers will a must for the back pack or whilst glamping!

Top looks  for 2018 are;
Fringe Benefits, Gypsy Traveller, Urban Edge & Chic Casual

Floral Kimono
Here's a few our favourites which are on-trend and utterly fabulous! - click on the link under each image to take you directly to the product page. 
Zipper Gladiator Sandals
Enter the code: FESTIVAL at the check out and get 10% discount! 

Geometric Plunging Kimono Dress

Vintage Print Kimono
Mermaid Sequin Back Packs

Visit: Email: for further info.

Poolside Glamour!

Deep Burgundy Monokini

Poolside Glamour - this short phrase conjures up so many wonderful images! 
Imagine; long lazy days chilling out by pool with an ice cold cocktail in hand, a good book and no need to be anywhere for anybody!
No doubt whilst day dreaming about this luxury lifestyle you can see yourself looking, super sexyeffortlessly chic and elegant and totally comfortable with how you look in your poolside attire!
All That Glitters Bandage Bikini
Champagne Lace Up Swimsuit
At Sandstorm we offer women an incredible array of swimwear and kaftans to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets. 
We offer the latest styles and colour trends, as well as timeless classics and uber chic pieces which ooze confidence and sophistication! 
Micro Brazilian Bikini
Also available are beautiful bold bikinis in mix and match sizes for the perfect fit and stunning swimsuits 
which will flatter your figure.
And when you need to pop into your villa or hotel for brunch, lunch or a light snack, we have an incredible collection of fashionable yet timeless covers and kaftans to complement your bathing suit and cover your modesty and fabulous accessories to complete your look!

Boho Lace Beach Cover

Rhinestone Zipper Gladiator Sandals

If you would like more poolside glamour inspiration, visit our Poolside Glamour page on the website and use code: POOLSIDE to claim 10% discount on your order.

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Be A Happier & Healthier You in 2018!

Nostalgia is romantic, but it can be ultimately futile, especially when it involves judgement of some of the best things about modern life. Social media, smartphones, ubiquitous connectivity; we often read harsh criticisms of these phenomena on Facebook, yet they enrich our lives in many ways, helping us stay informed, keeping us connected, and helping us out in emergency situations. Rather than lament over the loss of the technology-free life, why not choose a balance of both? It is much the same with the materialism vs spiritualism argument; it is possible to shop for your favourite bikini yet head for a beach paradise to hone your spirituality; in fact, this apparent dichotomy is exactly what modern spiritualism must embrace, or it will risk being just another part of nostalgic rumination!
It’s All in the Details.
You don’t have to give up your beach holiday, forget about fashion, or stop going to nightclubs to deepen your spirituality. There are many small steps you can take in your daily life to be a more spiritual person; science indicates this is definitely a worthy pursuit. Studies have shown that people who are more spiritual, are generally happier. In part, this is owing to community support, and in part from the tranquillity that comes from knowing that there is something greater than ourselves, that connects us with all other human beings. Spending just a little time in nature enhances ourspirituality, since sitting quietly on the seashore or contemplating a lush landscape instils a mindful state in which we are content to just ‘be’ in the present moment. 

In silence, we can listen to the thoughts and emotions that are often suppressed in our day to day lives, and look to nature to find the perfection and harmony that can so often be lacking in urban life.

There are many other small ways you can enter a reflective state of mind, which is conducive to spirituality; these include reading philosophical books, practicing yoga (which, like nature, is a powerful mindfulness-based activity) and meditation (which also keeps the mind ‘in the now’).
                                                   A Holiday by The Sea.

 When choosing your next holiday, you can also make spirituality a focus. Think of going on a beach yoga retreat, or head to a jungle paradise where you can discover a plethora of exotic plants and animals. Try to include relaxation, healing activities in your agenda, including therapies such as Reiki, massage, meditation. 

Make nutrition a focus too, opting for whole instead of processed and fast foods. 
Barefoot Sandals
Being more spiritual involves small changes, such as spending more time in the Great Outdoors. It also involves big decisions, such as taking a holiday to the seaside in lieu of opting for a city break. The toasty sands of the beach of your choice will offer you the perfect chance to show off your best bikini and kaftan

However, you can also work on your rich inner life, which is easily as beautiful and intricate as the most stunning natural sights you will encounter on your trip.

Article written for Sandstorm Swim Beach Resort by: Sally Keys - Content Manager -

Saturday, 21 October 2017

ss2018 Will Be #Bikinilicous

2018 Is All About The Cut!

Cut-out, high legs and flashing the flash.
2018 is sure to be the year of body confidence and strutting your stuff.  
The bikinis and swimwear will ensure women are comfortable with their bodies and curves. Every woman, no matter what age or size, will find what she is looking for in the ss2018 collections. 

Check out some of Sandstorm's offerings for inspiration.

Mismatched Bikinis

If the cut out look is not your thing, don't worry, you can still be a swimwear shopaholic! Let your creativity run free and mix every print and style with each other. Why not put high waist or string bikini bottoms with a crop or triangle bikini top.

There are no fixed rules!

Let us show you how you can mix and match your own style your own way and inject your personality into some poolside and beach side glamour:

Bralet Bikinis

In 2018 crop tops will be a hot fashion essential.  Take that on trend look straight to the beach with a bralet bikini top. It will be the cutest thing you'll have in your summer wardrobe. This bikini is so versatile, you'll be able to take your look straight from the beach to the club by adding a lace cover or a pair of denim shorts.

All the looks featured in this post visit:

Monday, 16 October 2017

How To Make Yourself Feel More Energised By The Right Rites

Susan L. Westbrook, Phd "The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop"

The 5 Tibetan Rites

Monastic monks in Tibet practice these legendary 5 Tibetan rites every day to balance the energy of the chakras and to improve their vitalities.

The First Tibetan

The first Tibetan is otherwise than the four Tibetans which will follow. It’s more like a series of clockwise spins.


  • Stand up straight with your arms outstretched from your sides and parallel to the floor
  • Your palms showing to the ground
  • Spin around in a clockwise direction


We prefer to breath with the spins, but it takes time to figure out which kind of breathing is the best for yourself

The Second Tibetan

This pose is more difficult than the first one. So, don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work at the first time! Everything takes time and you can try alternatives for the beginning. It will help you to become more strength.


  • Sit on the ground with your hands on your sides (they have to show on the ground)
  • Stretch your legs out
  • Raise your hip up
  • Your feet have to stand on the ground
  • Pull your neck back as far as you can, but be careful! You shouldn’t overextend it
  • Now, your body will look like a table


Inhale when you raise your hips up and exhale when you move your hips back to the ground.

The Third Tibetan


  • Kneeling on the ground
  • You can lay the tops of the feet to the ground or just put your toes under
  • Hold an upright backbone
  • Lay your chin on your chest
  • Slide your hands down to your hips (they will look like wings)
  • Go slowly backwards
  • Attention: Your upper back will be more curved than the lower back
  • Return slowly to the starting position


Inhale when you go back and exhale when you come back into the starting position 

The Fourth Tibetan


  • Lie on the ground and stretch out your legs (your feet must be together)
  • Your arms are laying besides your body and showing on the ground
  • Raise your upper body and head 
  • Lift your legs closed to the ceiling and hold it straight and with strength
  • Unfold yourself and go back to the starting position


Inhale when you raise up and exhale when you go back to the starting position

The Fifth Tibetan


  • Place your hands and knees on the ground
  • Stretch out your legs behind you
  • Place your feet so that they have the width of your hip
  • Let your body sink between your arms
  • Let your head and back go backward
  • Push your body up as far as possible
  • Your head should be brought so far down that the chin comes up against your chest. 
  • Your body looks now like a V-shape
  • Go slowly back to the starting position


Inhale when you go backward with your body and exhale when you go back to the starting position

Sandstorm Luxury's lifestyle-fitness collection

You don't have the right clothes for your workout? Don't worry, with these colourful tights and tops you will look beautiful in every age or size !


For more information about Sandstorm Luxury's Fashion:
For more information about the five Tibetans: Susan L. Westbrook, Phd "The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop"

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Every Day Is A Good Gelato Day!

Sandstorm Luxury visits Delphini's Gelateria

So, let us introduce you to Johan. He is the creative genius behind the most colourful gelateria called Delphini’s based in Totnes, in Devon. In our interview he gives us an insight into his eco business and the healthy world of this beautiful Italian ice cream.

So, what makes Delphini’s so rare and so fabulous… 

Owner of Delphini's - Johan
Johan’s primary concerns for his business are the costumers experience and the world in which we live.

Take a look for yourself:

A free taste of Devon
Delphini's cares for the planet
The use of Italian spoons made of potato starch instead of plastic spoons

 Free fill up of water for everyone to avoid buying plastic bottles

Red seats from tractors used as chairs

Recycled table made out of wood

Organic whole milk from the Riverford Farm. (2.7 miles away from Totnes)

Fairtrade “pure Earth” coffee beans

100% compostable and biological “Planet Harmony” coffee cups made from plants

100% recycled serviettes 

 Delphini’s fashionably flavoursome

Delphini's gelato is suitable for everyone

Johan and his team have developed amazing gelato flavours. One taste and you feel like you were in an Italian heaven. There are traditional flavours, such as pure Belgium chocolate, made with organic produce, beautiful fruit sorbets which tickle your taste buds and trendy gelato made with recognize superfoods like goji berries. 

At Delphini’s, they even think about all the vegans and vegetarians. So many of their flavours are made of soya coconut milk. To put the icing on the top of the cake, this autumn Johan has launched his Italian pure hot chocolate drink and a range of flavours which are perfect for this time of the year.

We reckon, Delphini’s is the best gelato store in the UK. You need to try it out for yourself. 
When you’re next in Devon, pop in and say Sandstorm Luxury has sent you.
You'll get a free taster and if you say the magic words before the end of October 2017, "Sandstorm Luxury" you get an extra scoop of gelato when you buy your favourite flavours.

Delphini's has something great for every kind of season

For further info on delphini's visit:
For further information on the swimwear visit: 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Sandstorm Luxury Sponsors Miss Scuba UK

Alexandra wear - Blue Seahorse Bikini From Champion Of The Coastline Collection

Alexandra wear - Seahorse Swimsuit From Champion Of The Coastline Collection
We're delighted to be working Miss Scuba UK again this year.  

Miss Scuba UK is an annual competition with a difference, it is not solely a beauty or scuba diving competition. Instead it is the merger of the two disciplines. It raises awareness for Marine Conservation and it celebrates the inner beauty of today's' modern women.
Via this competition a woman is chosen to be an Ambassador to; the scuba diving industry both in the UK and abroad, she promotes safe diving practices and she enjoys International travel. 

This year the winner of the competition is: Alexandra Prior from Glasgow. 

Congratulations Alexandra, we're sure you'll have an incredible year being part of an International team who have safe scuba driving and Marine Conservation at the forefront of the minds.

Images by: Scott Ninness

For further information on the competition visit:

For further information on her swimwear contact: or visit:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Gorgeous Kaftans - Versatile Looks!

Oh how we love a kaftan aka beach cover up!  Something to slip into on the beach or pop on over a tee or little bikini on a cool balmy evening. You can dress them up or down.  Like we said - they are very versatile.

Here's a few our of 2017 faves. The great news is they are all available in our shop. They are affordable fashion  that will make a big impact and create a luxe look in your vaca wardrobe! (most are priced between £22 - £35 so they won't break the bank)

 We're loving lace and boho prints. We've chosen styles and prints which will suit those who love delicate laid back chic, vintage vibes and those who love to brighten up their wardrobe and like the hippie /festival trend.

Check them out by clicking the link HERE

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Age is but a number - style & beauty is timeless!

Jenny - Ageless, Timeless Beauty - 2017
When we created the in-Visible campaign back in 2015, we discovered a bubbly, vibrant 'lady of a certain age' amongst the group of women who took part in the photo shoot on that day.
Jenny 2015 - in-Visible Campaign

18 months later, after quite a bit of upheaval for her and a milestone stone birthday, we were fortunate to again shoot with her in Devon a few weeks ago.  We were shooting our latest campaign for The Marine Conservation Society and it was the perfect time to work with her again.

Jenny is 70, is a fitness instructor and she is a true advocate for living life with passion.

We're delighted to welcome Jenny on board as our oldest and wisest swimwear model!  Growing older with grace and occasionally throwing caution to the wind, she's an amazing advert for keeping fit and active throughout your life.

At Sandstorm we aim to create and sell products which cross the inter-generational divide after-all, age is but a number and style and beauty are timeless.
The Marine Conservation Society Campaign 2017


Flamingo Swimsuit with beading - £78 to purchase click HERE

Champion of the Coastline Swimsuit - £78 to purchase click HERE


Delicate Floral with mesh insert - £35 - to purchase click HERE

Graphic Palm Print with zip - £35 - to purchase click HERE

For further information on the in-Visible Project or see see more of our beautiful one-piece swimsuits, check out our website: